Inspired by looks they’ve spotted on park walks, the London collective’s AW21 collection strikes a balance between comfort and sexiness. Padded jackets and earthen-hued denim jeans with undulating piped seams read of an urbanite’s take on ruddy-cheeked, country dressing, a spirit only fuelled by two-tone trousers, a patched ribbed knit pullover, and a cobwebbed mesh dress in moss green hues. That’s balanced out by pieces like a high-collared, zipped lycra top - a more fashion-y take on the sort the joggers nipping past you on your daily lunchtime walk might wear. You’d have thought, think that the past year of imposed stasis would have left the itinerant trio wanting for inspiration. Like many, though, they’ve leaned into the current sense of stillness to create a body of work that reflects a slightly more homely side to the steadfastly cosmopolitan brand.

That doesn’t, however, mean there’ve been any compromises made on keeping it sexy. Silhouettes towards skin-tight, and the label’s flagship item -- a leather jacket upcycled from couches salvaged from London’s streets --has been reimagined as a bicep-baring gilet.

Words by Mahoro Seward, i-D